Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Vineyards, museums, whale watching, and beautiful
beaches are some of the attractions to Ensenada. As
the third largest city in Baja California, it is one of the
most important ports on the Pacific Rim.
More than 90% of Mexico's wines are produced in
Ensenada and its surrounding regions. The climate,
warm summers and mild winters, sunny days and cool
nights makes it the perfect setting to produce wine.
The internationally recognized wine makers produce a
number of different types and styles of wines. Most
wineries offer tours and wine tasting.

Ensenada is not as much a tourist town as it is a
genuine Mexican city, yet it does have much to offer
the visitor who drops by. The 75 mile stretch of
highway leading to Enesenada from U.S. border is in
excellent condition and can be traveled in just over an

It has been said that Ensenada is a town built around
a bar. Although this is a bit of an exaggeration.
Hussong's Cantina, which opened in 1892, has been a
major influence in the development of this port town
since opening. Today, over 100 years later, it's hard to
beat the $2.00 margaritas and the live mariachis that
help make this fine drinking establishment one of the
most famous bars in the world.

Ensenada offers all of the services you would expect in
a big town. Supermarkets, hospitals, plenty of
shopping, and much more. The large harbor is the
third largest seaport in Baja, and fishing is a big
industry here.

If you are headed further south into Baja, Ensenada is
the last big stop for loading up on the essentials that
start to get scarce as you enter Baja's wide open
spaces. Enjoy your hotel with that satellite TV this
might be your last chance to watch Seinfeld for a while.

A few miles south of Ensenada is Estero Beach, a
landmark of sorts for many years. A clean hotel, a
trailer park, and a camping area have accommodated
young and old here for many a good time. The large
calm bay is perfect for water sports.

Further south, 12 miles west of the main road nestled
against the coast, is a quaint campo known as Punta
Banda. Although the blow hole 'La Bufadora' is the
main draw here, restaurants and curio shops also help
make this a great half day excursion from Ensenada.
Snorkeling and diving here are excellent.
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